About SJP

Greetings one and all to SJP by SJP. We're thrilled you have found your way here and hope it's a place you return to again and again.

This little site has been a dream of ours for quite some time. It houses all of my favorite things under one roof — from books to shoes to fragrance — and we're extremely pleased to finally welcome you all inside.

SJP Collection

In February 2014, George and I launched the SJP Collection. We founded our footwear collection upon three main pillars: delivering quality products, using color and sparkle as a neutral, and giving the single sole a new heartbeat. We arrived in NYC the same month of the same year and share many fashion references from those early days on the island of Manhattan and those points of inspiration have played an influential role in our design process. As well, we both agreed that our shoes had to be handmade in Italy which enjoys a long tradition of being considered the home of the finest shoemakers in the world. Our partnership has been both seamless and wonderfully joyful from the start.

The SJP Collection we are offering has been thoughtfully detailed to include a combination of what we call our "evergreen classics" (the silhouettes that we will always have and never take away from you and always update with new colors!) as well as current styles and exclusives that can’t be found anywhere else.

SJP Beauty

This site is also a new home to SJP Beauty. I’ve been enamored and hypnotized by fragrance since I was a young girl and stood in my mother's wake as she sprayed on her favorite fragrance for a special evening out. In my life and in my travels, I’ve sought out beautiful, rare and unusual scents from all over the world, often times bringing home one of a kind bottles, oils from street vendors and incense from villages far way.

In 2005, I had the great pleasure of releasing my first fragrance, LOVELY. Over a decade later, it’s still a top selling global brand and I remain deeply touched by the women of all ages who have taken our signature fragrance Lovely and made it their own for so many, many years. Following LOVELY came a wonderful succession of scents that we worked to make distinct and stand on their own including COVET, SJP NYC and STASH. We recently introduced our newest fragrance called BORN LOVELY — a contemporary update to its predecessor, intended to speak to a brand new generation of women.

All fragrances are now proudly available on SJP by SJP.

SJP for Hogarth

I recently launched SJP for Hogarth, where I publish works of literary fiction by both established writers and distinctive emerging global voices with both critical and commercial promise.

In this new role, I work alongside an extraordinary editorial team to publish what we believe to be important, timely and unforgettable stories. Our first acquisition was “A Place for Us,” a debut novel by Fatima Farheen Mirza, which became an instant New York Times bestseller upon publication in June 2018.​ Our second book, “Golden Child” by Claire Adam, was released in January of 2019 and in spring of this year we published Selahittan Dermitas's short story collection "Dawn".

I’m thrilled to get the chance to share more about our SJP for Hogarth selections on SJP by SJP.

Thank You

We hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out through our Contact Us page or through our social media channels. We promise we will always make best efforts to get back to you in a timely fashion.
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